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Equivalent Exposure and the Exposure Triangle in Photography

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Equivalent Exposure and the Exposure Triangle in Photography

So you want to learn how to shoot using only manual settings? Well, there are many things to know when you start out on this big change with your photography. Understanding ISO, understanding shutter speed, and understanding aperture will go a long way for you to make better pictures with manual settings. This episode really isn't about how to use those settings but understanding the camera and how one setting will affect the other.

Here are a few links on understanding the different settings that go into your exposure:

Shutter Speed:



Don't worry those videos are only 2 minutes each and they pack a lot of information into such a short time.

With today's video, we are diving into how Equivalent Exposure and the Exposure Triangle work together. I walk you through how one setting will change the image and the other settings can correct for that change. You can use this to make better choices with your photography like when you may want a longer or shorter shutter speed or if you want to use your aperture for a longer or shorter depth of field. Things like that...

It takes practice but you can do so much more when you have a better handle on how to use your settings to your advantage and be more purposeful in your image making and picture taking.

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