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Failing Equals Trying with Nat Coalson

Today’s featured guest is Nat Coalson.

Nat runs his business here in the US-based out of CO as well as a studio in Hinckley England. Nat starts with photography, both digital and traditional processes, but then works with mixed media to finalize his art. Some works are embellished with paint, resin, or foil; while others are produced with a combination or a completely different material. His abstract work is sought after for private décor and commercial presentation. Beyond mixed-media photography, Nat also has pictorial journeys where his location-based fine art photography shines.

Nathaniel Coalson is an American visual artist living in England. Nat works primarily in fine art photography and abstract mixed media, with a business emphasis on creating custom decor for luxury hotels and private residences. He's also a well-known photography teacher and author, having written five books published by Wiley, including the series Lightroom: Streamlining your Digital Photography Process and Nature Photography Photo Workshop.

See Nat's work:

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