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Take & Talk Pics Returns! - Start a Business 2020

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

If I were going to start a business I would do it in 2020! Back in 2009 just after the recession of 2008 and the housing bubble that had occurred I was young enough and lucky to still be living at home with my family. This helped me out greatly in not having to worry about the overhead of a business the way I have these days. I can say knowing what I know now I wouldn't have picked any other time to start a photography business. Here we are in 2020 where the world is rapidly changing but this could be the time to really go after what it is you truly love! Make your photography into a full fledged business. I have hundreds of hours of content to help you get there!

With the return of Take & Talk Pics I have decided to offer 2 videos each week. This first week will have 10 videos for you just to get the addiction started. Enjoy this and the hundreds of other videos I have ready to post.I need your support to keep this channel going. Please Subscribe, hit the bell, and join the email list

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