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How to Bounce Flash

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

How to Bounce Flash

Fundamental Fridays - Speedlights set on TTL talking Directional vs Bounce Light.

With all the choices we need to make for exposure, composition, framing, depth of field, etc. introducing flash, and in this case, spotlights, adds a huge change to the mix. I want to take the next few Fundamental Fridays and break down little by little how we can use these tools to our advantage. Today I am walking through the TTL and a bit about how it works, what the flash is made to do, and a couple of tricks on how to override the functions for a more pleasing image. What does on-camera directional flash do or look like? What are the benefits or disadvantages of bouncing your flash? Give this episode a listen and let's see what we figure out.

Happy Shooting!

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