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How to Choose a Mirrorless Camera with Mike Boening and Jamie MacDonald of Mirrorless Minutes

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Both Mike and Jamie are part of the Olympus Visionary Program. Aside from their photographic works Mike and Jamie run a weekly podcast and blog called Mirrorless Minutes. As you may have guessed Mirrorless Minutes is a photographer's online resource specifically focused on the use of Mirrorless cameras. As the Mirrorless camera gains more attention so does the need to learn better photography with it and that is where Mike and Jamie come in providing their visitors with information and inspiration.


Olympus Trailblazer Jamie MacDonald is a nature and stock photographer living in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. Jamie is the founder of the Mirrorless Minutes website and podcast, as well as a contributor the several popular photography blogs such as the blog and

Jamie’s work has been featured in several international ad campaigns for Olympus Imaging North America and can be seen on popular websites such as and the 500px blog. When Jamie is not out shooting he can often be found camping with his wife and two sons, or leading photography workshops and photo walks throughout Michigan.

Jamie says that he is, “motivated to teach people to capture what they see, and to see what others do not.”


Mike commonly finds his inspiration on the streets of his hometown, Detroit, Michigan, specializing in street and urban photography. As the newest Olympus Trailblazer in the Olympus Visionary Program, Mike first caught the eye of Olympus through his work with Out of Chicago and his “Shoot Light, Shoot Often” philosophy.

Over the last five years, he has worked with the Detroit Metro Convention Bureau, covering events and taking headshots for a Fortune 500 company, and shooting sports photography. Mike has shared his love of street photography by teaching and leading groups on urban photography in the Detroit area as well as out of state.

When Mike isn’t behind a camera, he is in front of the camera serving as co-host of the biweekly video podcast, Mirrorless Minutes.

Mike is passionate about what can be accomplished with the Olympus Micro Four Thirds systems, using the OM-D E-M1 for his outdoor shooting exploits.

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