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How To Decide What Is Next

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

How To Decide What Is Next

Hey Photo World!

I am so excited about the next chapter here on Take & Talk Pics and I hope you are as well.

First of all a reminder: I will be conducting the first-ever webinar here on Take& and I want you to be a part of it. Click HERE to register!

Friday interviews are saying goodbye for now as I want to respond to the countless emails and connections asking for a different addition to the show and blog.

Introducing the Fundamental Fridays!

Each Friday I will be bringing us back to the basics and walking through a new segment each week. I am serious. Shutter Speed, Aperture, I.S.O., White Balance, Grey Cards, Composition, Full Frame vs. Cropped Sensors, etc…

This change will help educate the introductory and hobbyists photographers out there. Heck, I feel like I learn something new each time I teach a Photo 1100 class at the College of DuPage. Also, I would like to invite you intermediate and professional photographers out there to join the conversation. Leave helpful tips and tricks in the comments below each show notes page to help contribute to the learning photographers out there. You never know… you may have the perfect way to say something – if it resonates with one person you have done an excellent thing.

Lastly, I want to share another grand change, rather, an addition to Take& I have invited several photographers to become contributing writers for the blog and share their take on photography within their specific fields. Yes, I am a professional photographer but I am not an expert in every aspect of the medium. I have a handful of excellent photographers who will be sharing their expertise and broadening the scope of Take&

Thank you Photo World and Happy Shooting!

-Rob Krueger

I’m really excited about all the changes that are happening here on Take & Talk Pics I believe it will all be huge growth for the podcast and contribute to the photo community at large.

Thank you for hanging out today. I will see you next week Photo World – Happy Shooting!

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