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How to Improve your Image Quality with Ben Chernivsky

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Today’s featured guest is Ben Chernivsky.

Ben is a wedding photographer and owner of Ben’s philosophy is quality over quantity. He uses this strategy in the building of his business and Ben along with his team of 3 photographers captures nearly 100 weddings per year with that same high standard.

"It's Not About You" - Ben

Ben understands all the problems that come when trying to plan a wedding and going into every email, every meeting, and every phone call knowing that it is not about him, but about the client in need of his service and this has been a game changer - not just in his business but in his life. The ability to visualize yourself in others shoes can help build stronger business relationships and personal relationships.


I’m a man of few words until I begin talking.  I feel many, many things in life.  I am a blubbering blob of body and bone, full of passion and positivity. I like cats. The ocean both fascinates me and scares me beyond belief. I wake up each day and look forward to watering my grass, tomatoes, and basil garden. But I usually scamper towards the espresso machine first. I adore my wife. I love photographing love.

See his work:

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