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How To Increase Productivity

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

How To Increase Productivity

Monday Message 010 – The Snooze Button

“Just 5 more minutes” Rob thinks to himself, as he rolls over. His phone, rudely blaring, interrupts the perfect dream. BEEP- BEEP- BEEP- BEEP- “nooo” he utters, thinking about his dream, being keynote speaker at WPPI 2016. Swipe. Such a simple move to earn a bit more time of rest, no work, no problems, and an overwhelming guilt trip for wasting that time.

So many of us do it though. We sneak by reality and think we just earned something because we are tired. There are enough things happening day to day to justify the 15 minute crave for rest each morning.

At what cost? I would argue one of the worst parts of my day are those brief moments in the morning; that transition from laying down snoring my brains out to sitting up rubbing my eyes.

It is one of the worst parts to my day! If I hate waking up so much why do I hit the snooze 3-4 times? It doesn’t make sense. I hate it… let’s do that 4 times.

Now Photo World is this Monday Message really about waking up each morning? Did I really just spend the last 4 minutes to tell you about a 12 second routine I conquer each morning? – No. I want you to understand how often we hit the Snooze Button in our business every single day. I know I do it all the time and I feel like there is a later time where I can pick up the slack. 10 weeks ago I started the Monday Message and introduced many of you to the book “Do the Work”. I would like to take a second and remind you that nothing gets done if you don’t put in the time. Nothing gets done well if you do not do the work… all the work. We find these excuses in our business- these Snooze Buttons. It is a way to blame everything else for our mishaps in our systems.

I don’t care if it is family, friends, a job, a prior commitment, or anything else we can justify reasoning for our lack of commitment to a job task… By blaming others you give up the power to change. Change and therefore grow.

Tomorrow when you wake… and I will do this too set your alarm, turn off the Snooze Button option, wake up on that first try and spring out of bed. Find a mirror and smile at you. Say out loud “by blaming others I give up the power to change.” Acknowledge that change is good and you are ready to do something today without hitting that Snooze Button.

Just one day is all I ask in this challenge. As silly as you may feel and tired as you might be; do this and as you look back on your day before you go to sleep reflect on your day and how well you felt by choosing a fresh fast start. Analyze that task where you wanted to hit the Snooze and see how you feel about it.

If you don’t feel at least 10% better about that day and all you accomplished (be honest you probably did a ton) I will give you your money back. 100% all of it. Every cent you paid for this knowledge and new challenge goes right back in your pocket if you are not 100% satisfied with the outcome. (To be clear this refund will amount to the exact investment of $0.00)

Make the small changes in your business and life today so you can expand upon the growth tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Shooting!

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