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How to Network with Instagram

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

How to Network with Instagram

Networking with Instagram

Have some fun with your personal Instagram life and your business life!

The mix will allow for a following to see the serious posts

We hear it in blogging, podcasts, seminars, workshops, or in a classroom; content is key. Have relevant and current content or in this case popular current hashtags.

Being an active part of your Instagram community is important. Like I discussed for Facebook groups and how you need to be an active listener and pro-active with critiques, it is the same here. Follow, favorite, and create a buzz about the posts that interest or inspire you. Chances are, there are others waiting to be inspired by it too.

It’s no secret with video being standard on DSLR’s and Mirrorless systems that motion picture plays a pivotal role in our world. Instagram offers the same opportunity. One, for an additional way of delivering content, and two, this helps in cultivating connections. Instagram has now been competing with Twitter in this arena and it can only help you to have two spaces to cash in from.

Hashtags are still important! They become the gateway for new followers and as visual people, we can quickly determine if we would like to follow back. A quick glance at what they share and we can see if we are beating to the same drum or not.

Instagram is actually an incredible editing software. Yea there are limitations but for a small, mind you FREE, the platform this app can set the mood for your work you may not have contrived at the time of capture.

Mix it up a bit. These filters and edit options are a tool. So try to change up what you use and how often. Having the same look will only attract the same small audience. If we are Networking with Instagram then we need to play to a larger audience.

Those rare occasions where you meet someone face to face trying to find them on the social sites and continue the conversation or exchange.

Take this one step further and incorporate Instagram Direct. It is similar to Snapchat where you send a photo or video privately.

The most valuable direction for growth in anything we do is due to constructive feedback. Instagram is a platform where the potential for critique is sometimes overwhelming. Think of it as Paying it Forward. Followers or others in the community should be sharing and educating others, just as we all should, for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Lastly, connect to your Facebook. That is a free additional post without doing a thing!

Happy Posting, Happy Networking, and Photo World… Happy Shooting!

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