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How to Network with LinkedIn

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

How to Network with LinkedIn

Network with LinkedIn

Their slogan is “LinkedIn: World’s Largest Professional Network”

This is the one popular social media site that is mainly for networking.

Start by completing your profile!

  • So many people get it set up and never return to fill in all the blanks.

  • You can be vague about your skill set or extremely detailed. – do yourself a favor and just make sure you complete everything that is valid.

The little things matter!

  • You have more experience than you might think.

  • Volunteer work

  • Work history

  • Certificates

  • Degrees

  • Individual classes

  • Seminars

  • Publications

  • Having a web site

  • Running a regularly posting blog

First, sync up to your contacts you already have

  • Connect with those in your email accounts

Existing in a social space doesn’t do anything

  • Having an account and setting up your page is useless until you personally connect with others.

Find, Follow, & Lead.

  • When on Linkedin are you really “In”? Join groups and follow organizations or associations that make sense for your business.

  • Lend a hand and offer help and information to those around you. Remember this is on a much more personal level than the casual Facebook or Twitter interaction.

Update early and update often

  • Like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram the things you post become lost in the shuffle seconds after you post. You must be diligent about your posts to keep at the forefront of the network you are immersing yourself in.

Ask. Just ASK!

  • We hate to look less educated than those around us but if you don’t know ask! There are endless possibilities for finding an answer to a question but if you ask someone directly there things go on:

    • 1 you have a reason to connect with this individual

    • 2 you are allowing them to be the authority and generous helper with your problem/question

    • 3 you find out if their connection is a worthwhile resource for you in the future where you can either call upon them again or find a way to help them with your knowledge and experience.

Elevate your connection to a higher level.

  • If you can work your way to meeting the person face to face or get them on a phone call you are making yourself real and you’re offering them the chance to see if there is a mutually beneficial purpose for your connection.

Get out there Photo World and Network with Linkedin.

Happy Posting, Happy Networking, and Photo World… Happy Shooting!

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