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How to Not be a Photographer with Skip Cohen of

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Today’s featured guest is Skip Cohen.

Skip is the president and founder of Skip Cohen University. His approach to education in business, marketing, social media, and networking influences the ability to “thrive not just survive” in one’s own photography business. SCU is a radical difference from your typical educational options. The site alone has a rich saturation of information through their blog, videos, podcast, and the Skip Cohen University community at large.

Skip Cohen is President/Founder of Marketing Essentials International, a marketing consulting firm specializing in projects dedicated to education, primarily in photography, along with social media support across a variety of different marketing/business platforms. He’s been actively involved in the photographic industry his entire career and previously served as President of Rangefinder/WPPI and earlier, Hasselblad USA.

He founded in January 2013. It’s considered one of the fastest growing educational sites and blogs in professional photography. The site is a resource center for aspiring and working professional photographers. The faculty includes over fifty of the industry’s finest artists.

He has been a guest editor and consultant for Photo District News, an educational consultant for PhotoPlus Expo programming and has contributed editorial to PDN magazine. Other clients have included PMA and PhotoShop World. He currently writes ongoing features for both Resource Magazine and Shutter Magazine; is a co-host on; is the anchor on the Weekend Wisdom podcast and is the co-host for “Mind Your Own Business” a monthly webcast with He has co-authored six books on photography, The Art of Wedding Photography, The Art of the Digital Wedding, The Art of People Photography, Don Blair’s Guide to Posing and Lighting Body Parts, Wedding Photography from the Heart and GoingPro, released in 2011.

See his work:

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