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How to Pick Your Best Images from a Shoot

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

How to Pick Your Best Images from a Shoot

Culling Your Photos

There are several tools for Culling Your Photos. I prefer to use Bridge and give a 1-star rating to the images I do not want to edit. More often than not they are a duplicate or variation of another image right next to it. The truth is we just don't have a need for every picture.

If you make the images smaller, not as small as the contact sheet style shown here, but smaller than even half the screen you will be able to quickly analyze the image and choose to keep or throw.

I rarely Cull my photos on the same day I shoot them. You need to give your eyes and mind a rest before reliving what you just did. We see differently every day, so why not see things one way and make great images and then view the images on a different day with fresh eyes.

Move fast each photo will be edited soon enough so move quickly through deciding on what to keep.

Happy Shooting!

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