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How to Price Your Photography

Hey PhotoWorld! - Take & Talk Pics

Pricing Your Photography

How do we begin with pricing our service as a photographer? Better yet how do we take it to the next level once we have started bringing in clientele?

Listen in to today’s Monday message where I share the financial story of my first wedding photography gig and why it was the right fit for me.

Remember to factor in:

  • What is the true value you bring to the table?

  • How much have you invested in your business (time, money, and education)?

  • What expectations do you want your clients to have?

  •  What (if anything) sets you apart in these early stages of your photography?

I fully believe that perceived value is a big factor in this industry. However, that same idea is often abused. Being genuine has never hurt in the long run.

For those of you looking to grow take a listen to Episode 003 with Chis and Lauren Also listen between the lines of Episode 027 with Skip Cohen of Skip Cohen University. These two episodes talk business and more specifically they talk money. If you have been following the trends of the Message Monday Episodes you will find they all connect with the ideas that if you put in the time, really push the effort, get to work, and care about your business in a way no one else could; you will have growth and success with your photography and your life.

A shout out to those who are pros and make their living with photography. Like me, you are not starting and wondering how to price your fist job. However, do you feel your prices reflect what you are capable of in this medium?

I will bet that an overwhelming about of you are working 3X harder than you need too, getting paid 25% less than you should, and wonder why your business (while it is running steady) is not seeing much growth and just barley keeps in place.

Well just like our equipment prices go up and our taxes jump; we need to follow along to be on par. In golf, par would be a great day for just about any of us but in life or business par feels stagnant.

I challenge you to take these 3 steps:

Are you ready Photo World?

1) Wake up 30-60 minutes earlier for the next 30 days

  • This extra time gives you an opportunity most are unwilling to take. Therefore you have a dedicated time for concentration and high levels of productivity.

2) Blog. Blog.

  • Google doesn’t care about your site over someone else’s. It cares about content.

  • Blogging is a difficult task to make a habit but it can be the repetition of a blog that will replace your marketing completely.

  • And it is cheap to do so.

3) Do one thing that scares you 3 times a week.

  • Make a system out of making a cold call you have been thinking about but feared the rejection from.

  • Stop into local business and introduce yourself.

  • Call an old friend and just say hi.

  • These simple connections can introduce you to new networks and therefore new possibilities.

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