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How to Shoot Fashion Photography with Paul Audia

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Today’s featured guest is Paul Audia.

Paul Audia is a Chicago based beauty and fashion photographer who also expands his creativity beyond the still image - his video work is equally impressive. Paul has been published in countless magazines and websites. His award winning work proves his mastery with lighting both in studio and on location.

Great photographers are on a constant quest to capture that perfect shot. From locations and lighting to lenses and shot lists, they listen. They plan. They focus. But when it comes time to shoot, instinct takes over.

From art to fashion to portraits and commercial work, Audia possesses a unique vision, bringing technical mastery and genuine spontaneity to every shoot.

Whether capturing models with wild horses in Connemara, Ireland to shooting catalog work on the color-drenched cobblestone streets of Guatemala to hanging off a cliffside balcony in Portugal, he is fearless in the pursuit of his vision. He harnesses light, creativity, lines, and curves to evoke emotion, tell a story, reveal the truth. He has shot portraits as diverse as Barack Obama to Billy Corgan, Buddy Guy to buttoned-up businessmen, fashion models to Irish fishermen, and in each, he strives to uncover the essence of the person within.

He is playful, honest, real, and spontaneous. He’s a consummate pro—navigating weather, unexpected circumstances, environment, and time—all in pursuit of the shot.

A photographer, an artist, an in-the-moment visionary, he knows how to find the signal through the visual noise. He knows how to focus on details, nuances, and sees uses light like none other. He captures moments that aren’t just beautiful but make you feel.

The moral of the story: photographers are artists, storytellers, magicians, technicians, and friends. When your next project needs to shine or requires that extra boost of creative attention, call or email and let Audia’s passion for the visual arts be the conduit to make your vision shine.

See his work:

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