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How to Use Rule of Thirds

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Rule of Thirds

Hey Photo World! If you ever struggle with how to compose an image then look no further than the Rule of Thirds. It may seem simple but this simple technique will change the way you shoot forever. I know it changed my game when I first learned the Rule of Thirds and it helped validate many of my early photographs because I was naturally drawn to using the same subset of ideas when composing my images.

I will bet good money that you have seen images using the Rule of Thirds. I would even bet that you have used the Rule of Thirds. You may have done so when you took a cool sunset picture with your phone or on your vacation to the beach but you have defiantly used it even if you didn't know you had done so.

I walk you through the few simple steps on the Rule of Thirds and how to go from plain boring pictures to engaging compositions by just using the Rule of Thirds.

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