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How to Use White Balance

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

How to Use White Balance

We set our exposure, compose our frame, and release the shutter. Sounds easy enough. However, the complexities of making a great photograph are not so easy. There are dozens of things to consider in making such an image. One of those things to think about is the White Balance.

The White Balance ultimately controls the color temperature based on the lighting conditions. In reality, it is correcting the difference in color temperatures to deliver correct color exposure to better match what you see with your eye.

A nice little problem photography will always have is the subject of the way you see with your eyes. Each person will interpret color a little differently from the next. What this means is when I see green you may not quite see the same green but you can look at or be a little bit more yellow or slightly cooler. Typically we don't find such severities in the difference of how we see colors however, in a minute but the measurable difference there is a change from person to person.

The same story goes from the camera to the camera. Not just the maker but the camera models as well. As technology advances we find better specifications to automate the corrections for color temperature versus what is available due to the light situations.

In this episode, I discuss white balance and how to custom white balance can make all the difference. Although many photographers would argue that auto white balance is the best choice and corrections later will make up the difference I strongly disagree. Many situations do well with auto White Balance but when you have the time I urge you to receive the gift that is "getting it right in camera" - enjoy!

Next week I will go in-depth on the power of the gray card.

Starting Monday, September 28th I will be offering a FREE Download on 3 exposure metering tricks to use anywhere any time!

Happy Shooting!

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