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How to Walk a Fine Line

How to Walk a Fine Line

Hey Photo World!

I have done over 400 weddings in my 10 years as a photographer and I get one common question from people I end up sharing what I do with. "Oh I bet you have some stories... What was the craziest thing you've seen?"

The truth is, every wedding has some hick-up. Sometimes big but most are small. I have seen a family drama where the cops have been called, The wrong DJ showing up, and even the florist never delivering the flowers at all. Things happen and we need to adjust quickly. Every once in a while it is a situation where we as photographers need to make a choice on what to do or how to handle this situation. Those times where we are Walking a Fine Line. Those small fight or flight occurrences. In this episode, I walk through a story from this past weekend and an awesome wedding. Not a big deal situation but enough to feel this is worth talking about.

here is the image I was referring to. Shot at: f6.3, 1/200, ISO 100

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