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Understanding Aperture in 2 Minutes

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Understanding Aperture in 2 Minutes

Whether you have been shooting for a year and trying to finally get out of Auto or you just picked up a camera for the first time this is 1 of 4 videos you must watch!

1) Understanding Shutter Speed:

3) Understanding ISO:


In all fairness, it is only 2 minutes of information and it is a great jumping-off point to understanding your camera and most importantly understanding more about Aperture and how and why to use certain fStops. Now I must warn you... it goes by fast and the information isn't in the video by happenstance. Everything I talk about is another nugget of information into understanding Aperture.

Let's face it, shooting in Auto is okay and it even gets the job done most of the time but you want to get better and start making images like all those you see out there and think "How did they do that?" Well, you may want to watch this a couple of times or save it to your watch list so you can reference it when you are out shooting because just knowing why you would choose a certain Aperture to ensure the image will come out the way you want may just make your pictures go from good to great!

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