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Air In Motion - Vincent Laforet

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Air In Motion - Vincent Laforet

Not quite Drone Photography

I came across a feature story about a photographer by the name of Vincent Laforet. I didn’t recognize the name but after a few minutes, I recognized the work. Hearing just a small overview of his story had me inspired and interested in what new things I could do with my own photography. We need those reminders; the things we hear or see that relaunch our passion. I think most days I feel lucky to be a full-time photographer and pursue my passion while making a living, but there are days when I lose sight of why I am doing this. I don’t really know if I was feeling down about my photography career or anything but when I came across this story it got me thinking about those times when I have trouble staying motivated. Vincent Laforet said something that resonated with me: “As a photographer and visual communicators you try to find images no one has ever seen before.”

We need to remember our place as photographers. We love what we do and enjoy a lot of what comes with that, but to be reminded of our duty as “visual communicators” is so important. Think about those pictures you see every day that does little for you. You view, understand, and move on in one swift motion as if it were a reflex. Those types of images are damaging to our purpose as image-makers. We need to communicate visually. With all the social media, TV, and internet we are numb to the vast majority of images so we need to find our voice and begin making worthwhile images.

Keep up the motivation and please send your photography and business questions to me through the contact page.

Happy Shooting!

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