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How to Use Fill Flash

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

How to Use Fill Flash

Fundamental Friday's - Fill Flash

Fill flash is where I shed the light on today's episode. Understanding fill flash is simple. Get a solid ambient reading of your exposure and add a small amount of flash to enhance the shadow areas within your frame. Truly easier said than done. Listen to, or more importantly, watch this week's Fundamental Friday's episode. Photo World I wish I could have done a video out on location so you could see the effects of fill flash in action but my injury on my hand is giving me trouble. only 8 more weeks to go with the healing process. Maybe I need to share my story as a BONUS episode soon. Photo World do you use fill flash or have thoughts about why we shouldn't use it? Toss your comments down below on the good or bad with fill flash. Some people love it while others despise flash altogether and feel natural light is the only true light. I have heard debates in my classroom on this exact subject and it always seemed like the die-hard natural light users were more or less afraid to use flash. Flash can be a solution but I totally get how it feels like a hindrance especially early on in your trials with a Speedlight. I found it interesting when I first started with flash so I pressed on. Past the countless horrible images I took while acting like I knew what was going on, I knew there would be an overwhelming amount of benefits with understanding speed lights and especially fill flash.

Happy Shooting!

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