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How to Make the Perfect Picture with Kevin Kuster

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Today’s featured guest is Kevin Kuster.

Kevin is not only a photographer but an educator and entrepreneur as well. Kevin thrives on the opportunities social media offers and as the CEO of #jj, the largest Instagram community with over 640k followers, he has proven his methods. He is also a contributing writer for and has been featured at iPhone Photography schoolDPconnectPassion Passport, and just to name a few.

Equal Parts: Director, Photographer, Producer, and Social Media Consultant.

Currently, Kevin Kuster is the Chief Creative Director for Watts of Love, a global solar lighting non-profit dedicated to providing lights to the poorest of the poor in the darkest area of the world.

Prior to joining Watts of Love, Kevin was employed at Playboy Magazine for 18 years. Kevin served as the Senior Photography Editor for Playboy Magazine and Managing Content Director for Playboy Digital. While at Playboy, he was responsible for producing some of the largest pictorials in Playboy’s history and was responsible for discovering some of Playboy’s most well-known celebrity models. His images graced the covers of many Playboy’s top selling issues, and his pictorials have won countless awards.

Kevin’s career has taken him all across the globe, and he has produced photographs and films under every kind of situation, environment, and location. He has created award-winning images with Oscar winning and nominated Hollywood directors including Spike LeeKevin SmithNeil LaButeGeorge Tillman Jr.Mike Figgis, and Michael Bay. Kevin has also created and produced photographs for some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood, professional sports, politics and world events.

As a photographer, educator, and entrepreneur, Kevin is passionate about empowering and inspiring others to create meaningful community and art through the creative process. In addition to his work as the CEO of #jj, the world’s largest Instagram community with over 640,000 followers, Kevin is a contributing writer for and has been featured at WeareJuxtiPhone Photography SchoolDPconnectPassion Passport, and Recently, Kevin photographed 40 couples too poor to be married on Ilin Island Philippines.

Kevin is consistently invited to speak on the power of social media and how to build brand social media communities. His most recent work has included speaking as one of the keynotes at MacWorld 2014 and as the featured speaker at the Apple Store in Chicago.

See his work:

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