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How To Master The Photography Market with Sherry Hagerman

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Today’s featured guest is Sherry Hagerman. Sherry’s company, Allusion Photography, specializes in weddings, engagements, boudoir, and cinematography.

Sherry has recognized that as a bride and groom’s journey begins, the pictures are becoming their first family heirloom. Allusion Photography has mastered this important task and captures moments that will be everlasting memories.

I have always been inspired by photography – a pristine type of photography that portrays style, glamour and profound experiences.

Photographing a wedding is never about the process of the day – but rather appreciating the values and the new love that is before you. It truly is about capturing the passion, the feel and the first family memories that will set precedence for years to come.

For every couple I tell a story-with a family, with a setting, with what they wear, and the love they surround themselves with. I want to reflect a feeling of romance and passion with a twist of art and sophisticated fashion. Depicting memories of a picturesque estate, a lush green park, or a stylish urban train station to the newly married homes of the distinguished, iconic and creative.

See her work:

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