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How to Network Using Twitter

How to Network Using Twitter

Hey Photo World! Like last week I'm discussing real networking options with your social media. It's no secret that success can come through the connections you make on social media mixed with the effort you put into maintaining those relationships. Just like last week when I talked about networking through the use of Facebook; Facebook groups and making lists, I discuss the importance of Twitter in a few strategies on how to make your connections meaningful.

If you're not voicing what it is you'd like to discuss then there is no network to follow along in that discussion you have to know what you'd like to talk about so that others can see what it is you're saying.

Are you selective about who you follow? Are you selective about who follows you?

Most people would tell you it doesn't matter who's following you it's actually a benefit regardless of who they are and what it is they are doing with their network on Twitter. It's arguable that it is a good idea but I can see the reasons why it wouldn't be beneficial to have followers that you disagree with on many levels. The more important task here is who you select to follow. There are a few different strategies on that particular topic that I discuss in today's episode.

Why are you tweeting what are you saying is it important?

Who are you following are there specific people you look up to? Do you only follow anyone who follows you that more automated responses a follow back? When you follow someone do you tweet directly to them to start a conversation? When someone follows you do you engage with them as a new active follower of your account?

A few months ago I interviewed a photographer and ask them how do I get in touch with so and so? They suggested to me start retweeting what it is they have to say to show that you're interested in their topics then have something reasonable to discuss the question to ask and engage them directly.

Something that most of us forget about Twitter if we want to have a large number of followers we want to appear to be a Rock Star. The problem with that is we become very secluded in our network thinking that it should be about us our pictures, ideas, quotes, things we find, and what we feel is worth sharing. (Retweeting) that solo act can only grow your network so far. Movie stars and music legends have no problem gaining followers but for the average user, we need to put in the work for building a strong and relevant network.

Include your network tweet directly to them or tweet mentioning them. Building a strong relevant network is letting go of the idea that we are popular or above others. The reality is in business there's room for everyone and that means we're all in it together.

For a long time, I thought the only thing to do with Twitter is favorite, tag, and retweet what are you have to say. Twitter is way more intense as far as the work involved to engage in conversations with others. Perhaps there's an article you read or maybe a post on Facebook you related to. Tweet about that specific information and LINK BACK! The truth is information is vast and accessible. We're crazy if we think we have some sort of knowledge that others do not or could not acquire.

The purpose of Twitter is to: within 140 characters; express an idea, connect to others, or share what you have.

You can use that in building your network or build other networks. Playing middle man has always been a lucrative business. With Twitter, a wealth of connections could be that income you are seeking. Use your network to be a stepping stone for others to connect with fellow business owners and photographers. I began Take & Talk Pics by cold calling for interviews. Now, because of my network, I build the chain of people I am introduced to. Same thing on Twitter. Build your network and expand by searching your network's network.

On a daily basis have to invoke post that can engage others with questions, comments, or debate.

Happy Shooting & Happy Networking!

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