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How to use ISO in Photography

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

How to use ISO in Photography

First of all this long-winded explanation of ISO may be more than you would like to deal with right now... no worries.

Here is my video explaining ISO in just 2 minutes!

This is one point I have to make because I haven't done so in a video but it needs to be said.

It is ISO and you would pronounce it as I.S.O., not iso like it is a 3 letter word. It is an acronym so to all of you "photographers" out there saying iso you are wrong, there is no argument against this fact, and now you have learned something. The International Organization for Standardization would appreciate it if you refer to this setting based on the organization's own name. To give you a little photography history you could also know that ISO was originally referred to as ASA (American Standards Association). You see this setting is based on a standardization set by a board.

Shutter Speed follows the standardization of time, Aperture follows the mathematics of optics, and ISO (the scale for sensitivity to light). Please respect our industry and call it what it is. ISO. You are not cool when you don't even know what you are saying and iso isn't a thing. So for those of you using "iso" you are taking pictures using two real photography settings and a mythical creature from Harry Potter's journey to Mordor after he travels Back To The Future to save Spock from Darth Vader.

Okay, I'm done ranting. Back to learning and getting better as photographers.

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