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Photographer of the Year with Michael Barton

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Michael Barton is an international award winning master photographer and Fellow of the American a Society of Photographers, a distinction held by only 116 photographers worldwide. Barton has been a Photographer of the Year from the Professional Photographers of America for 8 consecutive years. In 2012, Barton was the recipient of the PPA Grand Imaging Award, chosen from a pool of over 7000 entries. Being a lifelong student of the humanities, Barton received a Master of Music degree from the University of North Texas in 2000 and has studied music for over 3 decades.

Michael Barton has photographed a wide range of subjects and has a prolific collection of works. Barton’s character studies, children’s portraits, still life, street photography and landscapes have been featured in collections throughout the United States and beyond. His growing collection of mixed media pieces and commissions have made an impact on how his audiences views the visual arts.

Along his journey, Barton has maintained a strong commitment to teaching and academia. Having taught a diverse range of topics including music, photographic technique, photographic software, color management, workflow and astronomy, Barton is able to approach education from many different angles. Speaking at major conventions, teaching private lessons, consulting and lecturing at the collegiate level has given Barton an edge when it comes to adapting to different learning styles and environments. Barton’s true passion is in connecting with students and mentoring in smaller, personal groups and one on one sessions. Creating a hands-on experience is a unique gift and one that is meant to be shared. Bringing people together while forming personal relationships is at the core of what drives Barton in everything aspect of his teaching.

See his work:

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