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Who Do I Network With

Who Do I Network With

Monday Message - Who is in my Network

Over the past 5 weeks, I have gone over strategies on how to network. We have plenty of options on how to stay stuck behind a screen and I even mentioned ways to get in front of people. There is a problem with Networking though...

Who is in my Network? Well...

In today's Monday Message I address this topic and share a brief story of one small branch of my network in action. These small exchanges of information, tips, tricks, suggestions, and wisdom from real experiences all add up to be the reason for a vast network. Think of your Network like a family tree. There are potentially endless branches all inadvertently connecting back to one root cause or starting point. That starting point for your Network is you but consider how many branches you must be on for those in your network as they are a root to a different tree. This vast forest is the breeding ground for success. It is hardly who you know that will get you places but those who you know, know.

I'm wrapping up this 6th week of Monday Message Networking with an attempt at understanding "Who is in my Network?" Next week we will see a change of pace in the Monday Message topics.

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